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Born and raised in North Carolina, Chris knows that rural North Carolina needs a voice in Raleigh.


An Effective Voice for Rural North Carolina

Rural communities in eastern NC have been left behind. Small towns like Kinston, Pink Hill, Deep Run, La Grange, Ayden and Grifton have struggled, while big cities like Raleigh and Charlotte have grown and prospered. We can do better; I’m not running to point fingers. It’s time to start conversations that lead to results, and I’m here to do just that. We need to focus on creating jobs and increasing wages. Economic prosperity shouldn’t just be available for those who live in larger cities in this state; rural NC deserves a piece of the pie. As your representative in Raleigh, I will be that effective voice to ensure that rural NC gets our fair share.

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Jobs and the Economy

Rural North Carolina is being pushed to the back of the economic development line by big cities like Raleigh and Charlotte fostering unbalanced growth in our state. We must invest in opportunities to enable rural North Carolinians to provide for their families. I will be an effective voice to enusre rural North Carolina gets our fair share.





Education has become too partisan nowadays. There is a simple solution: ensure that our children are learning the skill sets necessary to be successful in their future opportunities. Meeting the needs of all children must be our goal, whether it be vocational training or college prep. We can do more of this by giving control and decision making to parents and local education experts. For too long the top-down approach from Washington DC and Raleigh have not met the needs of our rural communities.